Seeking Help with Injuries, Redskins Players Consult Specialist Who Can Strike a Nerve

May 15, 2018

“According to Roskopf, who still serves as a consultant for the Broncos, MAT features a hands-on stimulatory technique to re-establish the communication between the nervous system and the muscle systems. When that communication breaks down, rehabilitation exercises are sometimes ineffective…”Help with Injuries Muscle Activation Techniques

“What I do with muscle activation techniques, to look at in simplistic terms, we’re tightening battery cables. We improve the communication so the muscles can contract more efficiently, tolerate greater amounts of force and can protect yourself from injury. More than anything, it helps speed up the rehabilitation process. These guys come in and this rehabilitation process is just so slow because of this altered communication. It’s almost like if you jump-start a battery on your car and you drive it, it reinforces it, but if you try to continuously start your car when you have a dead battery, it’s never going to start when you have a dead battery.”

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 - The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 30, 2015