MAT® Practitioner and Physical Therapist Testimonial: Laura Whiteley

Laura, a Physical Therapist, was originally skeptical of the MAT® methodology. After getting worked on by a fellow MAT® practitioner, her mind was changed and she couldn't wait to learn the modality herself. Laura works on a wide range of clientele, listen to the video below to hear about how[...]

Greg Roskopf and the focus on Online Education through Broadview University

Throughout each year we are continuing to evolve our education programs. In partnering with Broadview University, a focus of ours over the last two years has been on creating a more flexible and convenient Specialist Certification options. Through this development and collaboration, we have seen[...]

Overcoming the Odds with Muscle Activation Techniques®

Published on January 9, 2019 by Krissy Jackson from Broadview University

Right Image: Joe Marino addresses a Muscle Activation Techniques® certification class.

Going to the MAT®

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® in the golfing world: 

“He focuses on improving the communication pathways to the brain, to the muscles, resulting in greater stability and strength and less pain 

and inflammation. “What I do is[...]

Inside Hope Solo's Innovative Goalkeeper Training and Fitness

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® on pro-athletes before, during, and after their athletic career:

Super Bowl-winning Broncos' Recovery Adventage

"Denver-based Specialist Helps Star Athletes Return to the Field and Perform Better

Seeking Help with Injuries, Redskins Players Consult Specialist Who Can Strike a Nerve

“According to Roskopf, who still serves as a consultant for the Broncos, MAT features a hands-on stimulatory technique to re-establish the communication between the nervous system and the muscle systems. When that communication breaks down, rehabilitation exercises are sometimes ineffective…”


Defying The Odds

This week we are featuring an article written in 2015 about how our founder, Greg Roskopf, helped Olympic Gold Medalist, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen:

"How Greg Roskopf, an Englewood-based muscle function specialist, is helping Amy Van Dyken-Rouen get back on her feet — literally. 

Using Neuroscience to Avoid Injuries

This week we take a look back and focus on an article written by Heather Johnson from the Runner's World Magazine:

Full Count: Addison Russell Next Cubs Star, Carlos Gomez Key Trade Piece for Brewers

This week we take a look back at the article written by Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports about how MAT® is being used in Major League Baseball:

“Third baseman Manny Machado says his surgically repaired knees feel brand new, and he’s working hard to make sure those knees remain strong.

Before every[...]

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