Defying The Odds

This week we are featuring an article written in 2015 about how our founder, Greg Roskopf, helped Olympic Gold Medalist, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen:

"How Greg Roskopf, an Englewood-based muscle function specialist, is helping Amy Van Dyken-Rouen get back on her feet — literally. 

Using Neuroscience to Avoid Injuries

This week we take a look back and focus on an article written by Heather Johnson from the Runner's World Magazine:

Full Count: Addison Russell Next Cubs Star, Carlos Gomez Key Trade Piece for Brewers

This week we take a look back at the article written by Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports about how MAT® is being used in Major League Baseball:

“Third baseman Manny Machado says his surgically repaired knees feel brand new, and he’s working hard to make sure those knees remain strong.

Before every[...]

First, Do No Harm

This week we are featuring an article written in 2015 about how MAT® was first developed:

"Bridging the Gap: Greg Roskopf, MA, wants health and fitness professionals to recognize that helping clients to improve health and lose weight requires a solid understanding of how to help them control[...]

Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen on faith, recovery and if she'll walk again

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® on pro-athletes before, during, and after their athletic career:

"Champion swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen says she's a more spiritual person since the June ATV accident that severed her spine and[...]

Why Spend on Muscle Activation Techniques®? 

Ny Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings Seeks out MAT®

This week we look back on an article written in 2014 about how Muscle Activation Technique® is used in the health regimen for many professional athletes, including Rashad Jennings:

"Those are the words the newly signed New York Giants running back uses to describe himself, despite the fact the[...]

Muscling Through

This week we are featuring an article written in 2015 about our founder, Greg Roskopf, and how he developed Muscle Activation Technique®:

"Broncos fans can thank a rock quarry in Iowa for extending Peyton Manning’s career. That quarry is where, in 1982, William Penn University linebacker Greg[...]

1st Round Draft Pick Odell Beckham Learning How MAT® Helps Improve Muscle Function

This week we reflect back on an article written in 2014 featuring the use of Muscle Activation Techniques® in the NFL:

"Odell Beckham Jr. is finally getting healthy. And if the Giants’ first-round pick manages to stay that way, he’ll thank Rashad Jennings for the assist.

Muscle Activation Technique® Online Lower Body Program: A HUGE Success

In collaboration with Broadview University, our first Muscle Activation Technique® Lower Body Online lab, with a hands-on focus, was a HUGE success!! Our students became Lower Body Certified and can now start treating their clients with what they learned and add a new potential revenue stream to[...]

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