Bryson Dechambeau Workout Gains 93.75% Force Output in 24 Hours!

Check out this incredible footage of the "Bryson Dechambeau workout" at Muscle Activation Techniques® headquarters in Denver, Colorado with Greg Roskopf.

Bryson DeChambeau and Muscle Activation Techniques® are Changing Golf

As world events continue to weigh heavy on our hearts, we celebrate the win for MAT® Headquarters athlete, Bryson DeChambeau! One of the PGA's top ranked golfers and this past weekends champion of the Rocket Mortgage Golf Tournament, Bryson, has been working closely with Greg Roskopf for the[...]

Golf Channel Feature on Bryson DeChambeau and Greg Roskopf

"The first thing we are doing is identifying where the weaknesses are...then we want to strengthen him through this entire range of motion," Greg Roskopf explains during MATRx® Session with PGA athlete Bryson DeChambeau.

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and MAT®: A Case Study

Mark Trombold has been in the health and wellness industry for over three decades as an established Physical Therapist. He has been an MAT® Practitioner since 2001 and continues to expand and develop his abilities to help his patients. Below is a case study that he sent in based on a patient of[...]

Staying Inspired in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

To our Community of MAT® Practitioners and Students:

While we have faced challenges before in this community, we now are presented with our biggest challenge yet. We are sharing in a time where many of our practices have been shut down or our business has dramatically declined. Even though the[...]

What do Musculoskeletal Specialists Do?

Ever wonder what musculoskeletal specialist do for their clientele?

First think of what a musculoskeletal system is in the first place; the musculoskeletal system provides stability, support, general form, and overall ability of movement for the human body to function. This body system is[...]

Going to the MAT®

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® in the golfing world: 

“He focuses on improving the communication pathways to the brain, to the muscles, resulting in greater stability and strength and less pain 

and inflammation. “What I do is[...]

Inside Hope Solo's Innovative Goalkeeper Training and Fitness

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® on pro-athletes before, during, and after their athletic career:

Super Bowl-winning Broncos' Recovery Adventage

"Denver-based Specialist Helps Star Athletes Return to the Field and Perform Better

Seeking Help with Injuries, Redskins Players Consult Specialist Who Can Strike a Nerve

“According to Roskopf, who still serves as a consultant for the Broncos, MAT features a hands-on stimulatory technique to re-establish the communication between the nervous system and the muscle systems. When that communication breaks down, rehabilitation exercises are sometimes ineffective…”


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