Golf Channel Feature on Bryson DeChambeau and Greg Roskopf

July 08, 2020

"The first thing we are doing is identifying where the weaknesses are...then we want to strengthen him through this entire range of motion," Greg Roskopf explains during MATRx® Session with PGA athlete Bryson DeChambeau.

In case you missed the Golf Channel segment featuring an interview done with founder and developer of MAT®, Greg Roskopf, and Golf Channel's own, Gary Williams, check it out above!

See and hear where Bryson DeChambeau sets his focus while training in and out of season, between tournaments, and swing sessions with coach Chris Como. The discussion shown in this video gives us the opportunity to hear Greg Roskopf talk about his role in Bryson's transformation along side his win at the Rocket Mortgage PGA Tour this past weekend.

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