Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen on faith, recovery and if she'll walk again

This week we are featuring an article written in 2016 about the use of Muscle Activation Technique® on pro-athletes before, during, and after their athletic career:

"Champion swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen says she's a more spiritual person since the June ATV accident that severed her spine and[...]

Ny Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings Seeks out MAT®

This week we look back on an article written in 2014 about how Muscle Activation Technique® is used in the health regimen for many professional athletes, including Rashad Jennings:

"Those are the words the newly signed New York Giants running back uses to describe himself, despite the fact the[...]

Muscling Through

This week we are featuring an article written in 2015 about our founder, Greg Roskopf, and how he developed Muscle Activation Technique®:

"Broncos fans can thank a rock quarry in Iowa for extending Peyton Manning’s career. That quarry is where, in 1982, William Penn University linebacker Greg[...]

1st Round Draft Pick Odell Beckham Learning How MAT® Helps Improve Muscle Function

This week we reflect back on an article written in 2014 featuring the use of Muscle Activation Techniques® in the NFL:

"Odell Beckham Jr. is finally getting healthy. And if the Giants’ first-round pick manages to stay that way, he’ll thank Rashad Jennings for the assist.

Muscle Activation Technique® Online Lower Body Program: A HUGE Success

In collaboration with Broadview University, our first Muscle Activation Technique® Lower Body Online lab, with a hands-on focus, was a HUGE success!! Our students became Lower Body Certified and can now start treating their clients with what they learned and add a new potential revenue stream to[...]

Tools for How to Raise Your Hourly Rates and Keep Your Clientele

We understand that charging more money can be awkward, so here are a couple tools for how to raise your hourly rates that we've seen work!

1.) Make raising your rates a normal business practice. Each year make it a point to increase your rates that follow a similar beat to the increase of cost[...]

Client Definition: The Soccer Mom/Dad

Soccer Mom/Dad    ˈsäkər mäm/dad/       noun:

Drives a large vehicle typically an SUV, to tote all the children (i.e. small sports team) to and from all of their individual activities. They are constantly on the go, sometimes late but you can't be mad, it's not their fault. They always look[...]

Muscle Activation Techniques® Employee Spotlight: Ryan Coufal

This week we are highlighting Dr. Ryan Coufal! Dr. Coufal, PT, DPT, is an MAT® Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, co-owner of Rock Solid Physical Therapy, and instructor for our Masters, Specialist, and Jumpstart Programs. He spent some time with our marketing team this week to get insight on his[...]

Facts about Sleep and Muscle Recovery


Client Definition: Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior      ˈwēkˌend ˈwôrēər/       noun:

A person who works a job during the week, typically 9-5 which in turn makes it difficult to partake in active outdoor activities until the weekend. Epic weekend adventures are packed into the most physically exhausting 48 hours, testing their [...]

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