Muscle Activation Techniques® Employee Spotlight: Ryan Coufal

This week we are highlighting Dr. Ryan Coufal! Dr. Coufal, PT, DPT, is an MAT® Rx Foot and Hand Specialist, co-owner of Rock Solid Physical Therapy, and instructor for our Masters, Specialist, and Jumpstart Programs. He spent some time with our marketing team this week to get insight on his[...]

Facts about Sleep and Muscle Recovery


Client Definition: Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior      ˈwēkˌend ˈwôrēər/       noun:

A person who works a job during the week, typically 9-5 which in turn makes it difficult to partake in active outdoor activities until the weekend. Epic weekend adventures are packed into the most physically exhausting 48 hours, testing their [...]

Employee Spotlight: Megan Leyba

This week we want to highlight MAT® Headquarters very own, Megan Leyba! Megan was the second person to be

 MAT® Rx Full Body Certified (behind Greg Roskopf). Megan teaches all levels of our education program and has lead courses at Broadview University. We asked if she would spent a couple[...]

10 Bacon Facts!

As you may already know Greg Roskopf, founder and developer of MAT®, is a huge lover in all things bacon. So we decided to set the stage for a couple fun facts about Bacon to change things up for our readers and make sure to check out the bacon recipes at the end!

Tools for Empowerment and Methods of Communication to Motivate Clients


What drives a person? What allows one person to have more mental toughness than another and how do we tap into and help develop and strengthen that part of someone?  Anyone who is a personal trainer knows there’s much more to what we do than just[...]

Knee Pain: "Why do I have knee pain while hiking?"

Now that it is getting nice outside, a lot of people are starting to go on hikes again!  Hiking is a great way to get outside and get

exercise while enjoying some much needed vitamin D after the winter season. You may notice that you're enjoying yourself on the way up but then you remember that[...]

Infused water recipes: What is all the hype?

Doctors always say to drink water and drink a bunch of it, 64 oz daily in fact! This makes sense because the human body is made up of over seventy percent water; therefore, drinking fluids to maintain and replenish water levels is vital for basic human functions. While you may be able to slurp[...]

Spring Sports: How to Avoid Injury As You Increase in Activity

As a continuation of Greg Roskopf's published work, here is a piece about preparing the body for an increase in activity levels...

"It’s that time of the year in the Rockies. The weather is getting nice and spring sports are swinging back into action. Athletes indulge themselves in various[...]

How to Ask for Testimonials

We decided to talk business this week and share simple ideas on how to utilize simple tools to help grow your brand awareness and business services. We chose to build a simple guide for how to ask for a review from customers in an effort to help generate even more happy clients!

We get it,[...]

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