What are the best personal trainer tools.... the one's that work!

February 07, 2017

Yes, the simple answer to the question of "what are the best personal trainer tools?" is "the ones that work" for their personal Best Personal Trainerstraining clients! This universal truth speaks to the fact that clients want and need to get results. There are countless ways for clients and personal trainers to define and quantify results. Rather than to attempt to define each of the ways to do this, let's generalize and say that the statements "results" or "the ones that work" could logically be restated as a personal training client typically wants to simply keep progressing.  Regardless of if they have achieved a fitness goal (or are still on their way towards the goal) they still want to be progressing in the sense that they are able to maintain or exceed this level with less aches, pains, soreness, or worst of all, injuries.

Anyone who has done a bit of exploring within the category of personal trainer tools will have quickly seen the countless client testimonials about how MAT® has been the difference maker.  MAT® is fortunate to have not only a plethora of customer success stories but we are proud to share today another of our MAT® Practitioner success stories.  As we highlight the team and the founders at The Move Project in Dallas, Texas, we showcase fantastic people and processes that have helped this group become some of the best personal trainers you can find.  

Like many successful personal trainers, The Move Project Founders, Ryan Overturf and William Branham, started out working in a large and successful regional fitness facility.  They saw firsthand the success that their peer group of Personal Trainers was having by utilizing MAT® on their clients, so they decided that they too should learn and apply MAT® by joining the MAT® Specialist program.  Success with their clients brought even more success through the Power of Word of mouth marketing that brought them even more referrals.  Soon they found their schedules full and demand exceeding availability.

successful personal trainersAs you will explore more deeply in this short E-book, one of the key contributors to The Move Project's ability to help their customers meet their fitness and training goals safely was their implementation of MAT®.  It is viewed by them and many others to be one of the most effective personal trainer tools available in the personal training industry.  The MAT® process of comparing and assessing the clients' mobility bilaterally, then applying a precise active muscle contract and sustain test, then deploying a Muscle Activation Technique® to stimulate a muscle (if the prior test is weak), then again performing the same active muscle contract and sustain test to confirm that the muscle is now activated is not only an extremely clear system of checks and balances but it also often elicits immediate observable results for the clients receiving MAT®.  It all ties back to the the question of "what are the best personal trainer tools?". Here, at MAT®, we know the answer is "the ones that work", and we are fortunate to be able to work with Practitioners and Clients around the world having success.

Successful Personal Trainer E-Book