Muscle Activation Technique® Online Lower Body Program: A HUGE Success

March 13, 2018

Muscle Activation Techniques® Lower Body Program StudentsIn collaboration with Broadview University, our first Muscle Activation Technique® Lower Body Online lab, with a hands-on focus, was a HUGE success!! Our students became Lower Body Certified and can now start treating their clients with what they learned and add a new potential revenue stream to their existing businesses.

Our students range from NFL trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and certified personal trainers. They came from all parts of the country this past weekend to complete their Muscle Activation Techniques® Lower Body Certification. Take a look at some of their feedback and testimonials to see what they say about their experience! 


Q: "Is this a skill that you'll take and use in your current workplace?"  Muscle Activation Techniques® Lower Body Program Students
A: "...I think
 MAT® will be a great add-on to what we do and working with a lot of athletes, especially program, I think it's such a phenomenal tool to have to get them ready to go out on the field or on the court right away."

Dr. Bradley Wiest
Chiropractor - Sports Performance
Carolina Sports Clinic
Charlotte, NC


Muscle Activation Techniques® Lower Body Program Students
Q: Would you recommend this online course to anyone else?
A: "Absolutely, absolutely. I think I'm gonna go through the whole entire program!"

Garrett Arndt
Owner and Certified Personal Trainer
Pursuit Institute
Champagne, IL


Muscle Activation Techniques® Lower Body Program Students"I loved the online course. For me, it was the only way I could do it. With owning my own business, having a full client load, family at home, just logistically and financially, I couldn't shut down my business, leave my family to come learn MAT®. So, when the online course came available, it was much more doable for me...I could study around my work, family schedule, repeat the videos, reinforce the things I was trying to learn, and take it at my own pace. Then I could come here for the fine tuning. So it was really the only option that worked for me and it really was helpful this way. I wouldn't do it any other way.

Julia Krengel
Owner and Certified Personal Trainer
The Perfect Fit
Sartell, MN


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