Client Definition: Weekend Warrior

September 19, 2017

Weekend Warrior      ˈwēkˌend ˈwôrēər/       noun:

A person who works a job during the week, typically 9-5 which in turn makes it difficult to partake in active outdoor activities until the weekend. Epic weekend adventures are packed into the most physically exhausting 48 hours, testing their stress threshold, and warranting a "workweek recharge" until the next weekend comes.

How to Spot One: They come into your facility with the following "ailments": a slight limp to either side when they walk, scabs on their shins from hitting a mountain bike petal, complaining of tennis elbow, have a sore back from sleeping in the back country, have a mild sunburn, or have a giant grin on their face because they know you will be helping put them back together.

Weekend Warrior.png 

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