Client Definition: The Soccer Mom/Dad

November 24, 2017

Soccer Mom/Dad    ˈsäkər mäm/dad/       noun:

Drives a large vehicle typically an SUV, to tote all the children (i.e. small sports team) to and from all of their individual activities. They are constantly on the go, sometimes late but you can't be mad, it's not their fault. They always look super put-together in a classy "athleisure" outfit. They have about one hour to spend on themselves, which is where YOU, the practitioner, comes in. Sometimes during sessions, they end up multitasking and sneak in a quick healthy snack and check their personal email as you work on them.

How to Spot One: They can't wait for their treatment session each week and you love their energetic personality. They're easy to talk to and the session goes by quickly because updates on all the kids take so much time (Timmy's soccer game, Julie's role in the play, Jill's new pet, Drew and Daniel's first T-Ball game). Don't forget that they'll make sure to check in on your hobbies outside of work and WATCH OUT they may play match maker!

Client Definition Soccer Mom/Dad


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