Bryson Dechambeau Workout Gains 93.75% Force Output in 24 Hours!

August 13, 2020

Check out this incredible footage of the "Bryson Dechambeau workout" at Muscle Activation Techniques® headquarters in Denver, Colorado with Greg Roskopf.


In this particular demonstration, Greg and Bryson were focused on the serratus anterior lower division. Muscle Activation Techniques' primary focus is getting muscles to be able to contract-on-demand. But how does having muscles able to "contract-on-demand" lead to these amazing gains in force output displayed by Bryson?

When you get each and every muscle contracting properly you will raise the integrity of the neuromuscular system in full. This increase in integrity leads to more motor unit recruitment which in turn leads to increased strength and force. Gains that Bryson has achieved are unheard of in the sport performance world UNLESS the athlete is on steroids (to be clear, he's not!). He has gone through the most effective training program available which has allowed him to maximize his strength potential while being injury-free and more flexible.

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