Spring Sports: How to Avoid Injury As You Increase in Activity

As a continuation of Greg Roskopf's published work, here is a piece about preparing the body for an increase in activity levels...

"It’s that time of the year in the Rockies. The weather is getting nice and spring sports are swinging back into action. Athletes indulge themselves in various[...]

How to Ask for Testimonials

We decided to talk business this week and share simple ideas on how to utilize simple tools to help grow your brand awareness and business services. We chose to build a simple guide for how to ask for a review from customers in an effort to help generate even more happy clients!

We get it,[...]

How to Integrate MAT® Into Personal Training

Before diving into the details about integrating MAT® into personal training, let's go back and recap the MAT® thought process and the practical application of Muscle Activation Techniques®.  MAT® teaches that bilateral assessments related to a clients range of motion will help to identify[...]

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