What Causes Muscle Tightness?

How are MAT Isometrics Different From Regular Isometric Exercises?

HUGE WIN for Muscle Activation Techniques®: Bryson DeChambeau wins the Us Open

Bryson Dechambeau Workout Gains 93.75% Force Output in 24 Hours!

Bryson DeChambeau and Muscle Activation Techniques® are Changing Golf

Golf Channel Feature on Bryson DeChambeau and Greg Roskopf

Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and MAT®: A Case Study

Correlation Between Brain Activity and Muscle Activation Techniques®

Staying Inspired in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis

The Paradigm Shift to Muscle Activation Techniques®

What do Musculoskeletal Specialists Do?

What Do Physiotherapists Do?

Learn about Muscle Activation Techniques® on Golf Channels’ Como Concepts

What is Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT)?

MAT® Practitioner and Physical Therapist Testimonial: Laura Whiteley

Greg Roskopf and the focus on Online Education through Broadview College

Overcoming the Odds with Muscle Activation Techniques®

Going to the MAT®

Inside Hope Solo's Innovative Goalkeeper Training and Fitness

Super Bowl-winning Broncos' Recovery Adventage

Seeking Help with Injuries, Redskins Players Consult Specialist Who Can Strike a Nerve

Defying The Odds

Using Neuroscience to Avoid Injuries

Full Count: Addison Russell Next Cubs Star, Carlos Gomez Key Trade Piece for Brewers

First, Do No Harm

Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen on faith, recovery and if she'll walk again

Ny Giants Running Back Rashad Jennings Seeks out MAT®

Muscling Through

1st Round Draft Pick Odell Beckham Learning How MAT® Helps Improve Muscle Function

Muscle Activation Technique® Online Lower Body Program: A HUGE Success

Tools for How to Raise Your Hourly Rates and Keep Your Clientele

Client Definition: The Soccer Mom/Dad

Muscle Activation Techniques® Employee Spotlight: Ryan Coufal

Facts about Sleep and Muscle Recovery

Client Definition: Weekend Warrior

Employee Spotlight: Megan Leyba

Tools for Empowerment and Methods of Communication to Motivate Clients

Knee Pain: "Why do I have knee pain while hiking?"

Infused water recipes: What is all the hype?

Spring Sports: How to Avoid Injury As You Increase in Activity

How to Ask for Testimonials

How to Integrate MAT® Into Personal Training

What are the best personal trainer tools.... the one's that work!

5 Things to Know Going into the MAT® Specialist Program

The Athlete's Edge: Advancements in Sports Performance Training

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Utilizes Muscle Activation Techniques®

Muscle Tightness: What Exactly is Going on Here?

The Aging Athlete - With Proper Training, We Can Slow Down Father Time

Pain: "The Check Engine Light" for Health and Wellness Professionals

9 Commonly Considered Healthcare Careers - Part 2

9 Commonly Considered Healthcare Careers - Part 1

Flexibility, Mobility & Stability: Is There A Perfect Balance When Teaching Yoga?

Stress and Your Stress Threshold

Losing Clients Due to Injury? How to Keep Them with 5 Simple Steps

Compensating Movements

3 ways to cultivate dedicated clients

8 Things You Should Know About Muscle Activation Techniques®

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