IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski Utilizes Muscle Activation Techniques™

Ben Pakulski, one of the world's most well-known IFBB body builders, has been coming to MAT™ Headquarters to see founder, Greg Roskopf, for over 3 years. They have worked together through aches, pains, injuries, and breakthroughs. They are a pair that share a passion for muscular development and[...]

Muscle Tightness: What Exactly is Going on Here?

Muscle Tightness. This is a concept that we are probably all familiar with. However, at Muscle Activation Techniques™, we look at it differently than many other modalities. Muscle tightness within the MAT™ thought process is a form of protection, not a form of inhibition. We see tightness as a[...]

8 Fun Ways to Burn Thanksgiving calories!

1) 9 minutes of Jogging –  Not only does running help you burn those Thanksgiving calories but it makes you happier, gets you fit and gets you away from all of that time with the family.  So grab your athletic shoes, your favorite family member and go for a quick jog around the neighborhood. [...]

The Aging Athlete - With Proper Training, We Can Slow Down Father Time

This week... we take a look back to share some insightful thoughts that MAT™ Founder Greg Roskopf penned as a contributing author to variety of sports and physical fitness publications over the past decade. This first installment of Greg's articles highlights the impacts on "THE AGING ATHLETE". [...]

Pain: "The Check Engine Light" for Health and Wellness Professionals

As an MAT™ practitioner, I am often referred clients who come to see me, for their first visit complaining of back pain. Most of them have tried one or more modalities in an attempt to address their issue. In many cases they have taken a medication in an attempt to help relieve and eliminate[...]

9 Commonly Considered Healthcare Careers - Part 2

Continuing from our series on considerations for healthcare careers...

So you have read through the first half of our research and you are ready to learn more. After all you have achieved, you may be wondering: “where do I go from here? Now that I have this great (likely expensive) college[...]

9 Commonly Considered Healthcare Careers - Part 1

So you finally completed your undergrad work and graduated from college, congrats! You are probably finding yourself thinking: “where do I go from here? Now that I have this great (likely expensive) college degree how am I going to find my niche in the  workplace?” Maybe you have considered[...]

Flexibility, Mobility & Stability: Is There A Perfect Balance When Teaching Yoga?

“The practice of yoga is rooted in ancient philosophy with elements focused on: contentment, non-violence, self-study, and non-excess. Ironically, some yoga practitioners regularly violate these basic tenets in their practice. People often come to a yoga class seeking better ranges of motion[...]

Stress and Your Stress Threshold

What is your stress threshold? Ultimately, your stress threshold is the level of stress your body can take on (or tolerate) before your muscle contractile efficiency is affected. To better illustrate this, let's use a professional athlete as an example. If an NFL player takes a big hit on the[...]

Losing Clients Due to Injury? How to Keep Them with 5 Simple Steps

Do your clients have a nagging, or recent, injury that restricts them from returning to train with you?

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