Flexibility, Mobility & Stability: Is There A Perfect Balance When Teaching Yoga?

“The practice of yoga is rooted in ancient philosophy with elements focused on: contentment, non-violence, self-study, and non-excess. Ironically, some yoga practitioners regularly violate these basic tenets in their practice. People often come to a yoga class seeking better ranges of motion[...]

Stress and Your Stress Threshold

What is your stress threshold? Ultimately, your stress threshold is the level of stress your body can take on (or tolerate) before your muscle contractile efficiency is affected. To better illustrate this, let's use a professional athlete as an example. If an NFL player takes a big hit on the[...]

Losing Clients Due to Injury? How to Keep Them with 5 Simple Steps

Do your clients have a nagging, or recent, injury that restricts them from returning to train with you?

Compensating Movements

“Compensating" is a term that people in the health and wellness industry hear thrown around daily. In our case, it has nothing to do with how much money one earns but rather it references a unique and yet confounding “skill” that the human body deploys when it senses an injury or instability in[...]

3 ways to cultivate dedicated clients

Whether you are a personal trainer, a physical therapist, or a massage therapist, it is not enough to simply find a new client; you need to cultivate that relationship to give you the opportunity for the client to become a long-term, loyal customer who sees value in your services.  We call this[...]

8 Things You Should Know About Muscle Activation Techniques™


Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is a revolutionary approach that assesses and corrects a client’s muscular system. It is as simple as that to explain yet it is an amazingly effective and nuanced tool. You may often see and hear about MAT™ in the news because of high profile athletes[...]

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