Employee Spotlight: Megan Leyba

This week we want to highlight MAT® Headquarters very own, Megan Leyba! Megan was the second person to be

 MAT® Rx Full Body Certified (behind Greg Roskopf). Megan teaches all levels of our education program and has lead courses at Broadview University. We asked if she would spent a couple[...]

10 Bacon Facts!

As you may already know Greg Roskopf, founder and developer of MAT®, is a huge lover in all things bacon. So we decided to set the stage for a couple fun facts about Bacon to change things up for our readers and make sure to check out the bacon recipes at the end!

Tools for Empowerment and Methods of Communication to Motivate Clients


What drives a person? What allows one person to have more mental toughness than another and how do we tap into and help develop and strengthen that part of someone?  Anyone who is a personal trainer knows there’s much more to what we do than just[...]

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